Afraid of Nothing Podcast

Afraid of My Past Salem Life

July 19, 2020 Season 1 Episode 23
Afraid of Nothing Podcast
Afraid of My Past Salem Life
Show Notes

For those of you who have watched the Afraid of Nothing documentary on Amazon Prime, tonight's guest will be familiar. In fact, you've probably seen his mug on many critically acclaimed TV shows and films -- including a guest stint on The Walking Dead. Cuyle Carvin has 100 actor credits on IMDB and even directed a horror film called Dolls.

Although he claims he has not had a personal paranormal experience, Cuyle has an undying interest in the afterlife (pun intended) and an undeniable connection to Salem, Massachusetts where psychics have linked him to the infamous witch hangings (in a good way, if that is possible).

Cuyle has also created several horror shorts (which coincidentally landed him the Dolls director's gig) at Salem House Films.



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