Afraid of Nothing Podcast

Afraid of Sci Fi and the Future

August 21, 2020 Bob Heske Season 1 Episode 26
Afraid of Nothing Podcast
Afraid of Sci Fi and the Future
Show Notes

Episode 26 delivers one of the most prolific and accomplished scifi authors – Canada's Robert J. Sawyer.  Robert has had 24 novels published, and his short fiction has appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Amazing Stories, On Spec, Nature and many anthologies. Robert has won the Nebula Award (1995), the Hugo Award (2003) and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award (2006). Also a futurist, Robert riffs on his latest novel The Oppenheimer Alternative and future trends. Robert brought so much to the table, we needed to create two episodes - enjoy Part 1.  Robert's website is

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