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Afraid of the Bean Town Medium

September 14, 2020 Bob Heske / Ruth Larkin Season 1 Episode 29
Afraid of Nothing Podcast
Afraid of the Bean Town Medium
Show Notes


Ecstatic to have Ruthie Larkin, the Bean Town Medium, on board for a rare podcast appearance. Recognized as one of the top 50 psychics in America, Ruthie joins my co-host Cuyle Carvin and I to discuss some of her most humorous and memorable readings, as well as her thoughts on the documentary "Afraid of Nothing" in which she appeared in a segment on reincarnation with Cuyle.  

Ruthie Larkin has had psychic and healing abilities since childhood. She used them for the benefit of her family and close friends until 2007... when she decided to embrace her calling. She now has a substantial following around the country. Ruthie is frequently asked to do house clearings when families feel that their home has negative energy. She also gives complimentary readings to parents who have lost a child through death. Her long term goal is to found a non-profit organization of psychics to help parents and law enforcement agencies locate missing children.

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